The Rosette Nebula from BMV Observatories
The Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49, SH2-275) is a large HII emission nebula in Monoceros. Various NGC objects make up this formation, including NGC 2244 which is the star cluster in the middle. The nebula magnitude is said to be 9.0. The object's apparent dimension is 1.3 degrees. It lies about 5,200 light years away and is 130 light years in diameter.

Imaging data:
Date: Jan 10,13 2011
Location: New Ringgold PA
Optics: Takahashi FSQ106 at f/5
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera/Filters: SBIG STL1000 Camera with Baader LRGBHa Filters
Guiding: Interal
Exposure: Luminance: 10x5 minutes R:10x5 min G:10x3.5 min B:10x5 min Ha:10X10 min all unbinned for a total of 4.7 hours
Processing: Image acquisition using CCD Autopilot. Initial processing was done using Maxim DL with subsequent processing using Photoshop.
I combined the HA and L subs in Photoshop to create the Luminance layer for this image to bring out more detail in the nebula.
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
The Rosette Nebula
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