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Astro MC Cloud Sensor continuous plots
Real-Time Day and Night Sky Camera Images
Unihedron SQM LE Reading and overnight plot
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
Rural PA location - shielded by hills from most light pollution. 1000 feet above sea level.

M31 and M33 naked eye on a good night
Milky Way with rifts clearly visible
BMVO-II View over Fold-Down South Wall
BMVO-II Carpeted Floor - Motorized Roof
Web-Controlled Power Switch
1200 VA UPS Power Backup
8 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Remote IP Camera
Blue Mountain Vista Remote Observatories
TWO Observatory-Complex - FIVE Piers
Location: Far away enough for Dark Skies but close enough for Access....
Horizon Panorama
M101 imaged on site with my Meade LX200R-12
Building Construction: Solid, secure, and proven operational since 2007
BOTH observatories have:
* Concrete Foundations
* Pressure-Treated Beam Deck Construction
* Proven resistance to Rain, Wind, and Snow for equipment protection
* Piers Isolated from Deck for Vibration-free operation
BMVO-II Dec 2009 - 3 piers 15' 10" x 15' 10"
BMVO-I July 2007 - 2 piers - 10 x 14