NGC 4449 from BMV Observatories
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
NGC 4449
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NGC 4449 is an irregular galaxy in Canes Venatici, located around 12 million light years from us. It is considered a starburst galaxy, and you can see the blue glow of clusters containing many new young stars in many parts of the image. You can also make out the magenta glow of large nebulae which also indicate star-forming regions.

Imaging data:
Date: May 1-6, 2013
Location: New Ringgold PA
Optics: Hyperion f/8 12.5 inch, FL 2540 mm
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: Apogee Alta U8300, guiding by On Axis Guider (ONAG) with an ST402
Exposure: LRGB: L:22x10 min R:17x8 min, G:9x6 min, B:14x10 min, Total= 9.2 hours
Processing: Image acquisition using CCD Autopilot. Initial processing was done using Maxim DL with subsequent processing with Photoshop.