M71 from BMV Observatories
Messier 71 (M71, NGC 6838) is a magnitude 8.4 globular cluster in the constellation of Sagitta, and is located at a distance of about 13,000 light years from us. It has an apparent size of 7 arc minutes. Although it was classified as an open cluster until the 1970s, more detailed research has indicated that it is a relatively young, if loosely concentrated, globular cluster. The youth helps to explain the abundance of metallic elements in its stars, which are normally lacking in aged globular clusters.

Date: July 11-15 2008
Location: New Ringgold PA
Optics: Meade LX200R 12 inch at f/5.9
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: SBIG ST-8XME / CFW-8
Guiding: ST-8XME integral guiding chip controlled by Maxim CCD
Exposure: LRGB - Luminance: 12x3 min, R:8x2.1 min, G:8x2 min, B:8x3.38min (lum unbinned and color binned 2x2) for a total of 1.5 hours
Processing: Image acquisition using CCD Autopilot. Initial processing was done using Maxim DL with subsequent processing with Photoshop.
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
M 71
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