M57 from BMV Observatories
M57 (NGC 6720) is a mag 9.0 planetary nebula in the constellation of Lyra.

This is one of the first images from my new roll off observatory in New Ringgold, PA. Thanks to Chris for his expert processing, which brought out the faint halo around this planetary nebula that we noticed when we started working with the images.

Dates: August 15, 18 2007
Location: Blue Mountain Vista Observatory, New Ringgold, PA
Scope: Meade LX-200R 12 inch
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: SBIG ST-8XME
Guiding: Integral self guiding
Filters: SBIG CFW-8A Custom Scientific
Focus: FLI DF2 Focuser & FocusMax
Rotator: Optec 2 in Pyxis

Exposure: Luminance: 120 minutes, RGB: 50 min (Blue=55 min) unbinned
Subexposures were 5 min (5.5 min B) for a total of 4 hours 35 minutes

Image Acquisition by Frank Colosimo, New Ringgold, PA:
CCDAutopilot 3
Processing by Chris Abissi, Kimberton, PA:
Calibration & Bloom removal CCDStack
Alignment MiraPro
Combining CCDStack
Image adjustments Adobe PhotoShop CS3
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
M57 The Ring Nebula
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