M109 from BMV Observatories
Messier 109 (M109, NGC 3992) is a magnitude 9.8 barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major, and is located at a distance of about 55 million light years. It has an apparent size of 7x4 arc minutes. The galaxy disk is fairly large but pretty faint and it was a challenge to bring out detail.

Imaging data:
Date: Feb 24, Mar 2, 26, 27 2011
Location: New Ringgold PA
Optics: Hyperion 12.5 inch f/9 2532mm focal length
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera/Filters: SBIG STL 11000 camera Baader filters
Guiding: Selfguided
Exposure: Luminance: 57x6 minutes unbinned, R:21x6 min G:17x6 min B:25x6 min, all binned 2x2. The total time was 12 hours
Processing: Image acquisition using CCD Autopilot. Initial processing was done using Maxim DL with subsequent processing using Photoshop. Field cropped to show galaxy.
Blue Mountain Vista Observatory New RInggold PA
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