Blue Mountain Vista Observing Field Usage Rules
BMV Field usage rules and information, pertaining to use of my property at 42 Beech Hollow Rd, New Ringgold, PA:

Be aware that you are using the observing field at your own risk, and that you understand it is unimproved uneven ground with no lighting. If you come onto my property, you agree to take full responsibility for any problems that you encounter, including but not limited to accidents involving automobile use, insect, animal, and plant problems, falls, weather-related problems, and injury due to use of electricity.

When you arrive, carefully plan how you will safely leave the field. The access to the field is all along the gravel drive to the South, but there is a drop off if you try to cut it too sharp to the right (West) when leaving. We placed a park bench, a rope fence, and some reflectors to mark the end of the field where you should not drive onto the driveway. It is very self explanatory and obvious if you check it in the light, but might not be during the dark. Turn right off the field to get to Beech Hollow Road.

Late Night Observing: If you are too tired to drive home after observing, please take a nap in the car before leaving. Don't drive if you feel to tired to drive safely!

Keep headlights on when driving onto or off the field!
It is common practice at other astronomy sites to drive with parking lights, but safety overrides minor light blindness. Simply inform the other astronomers that you need to move your car and they will prepare for your lights being on.

Park at the sides of the field so as to not block the central entrance/exit path, and allow a lane in the middle wide enough for cars to enter and leave.

Fire Danger: This is a rural area where there can be significant danger of starting a brush fire, so no smoking or any kind of fire is allowed on the field. Small cookstoves can be used if constantly attended and kept away from any dry grass or brush. You agree to accept all responsibility for damages caused by fires started by your actions.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911, and give them the address of 42 Beech Hollow Rd, New Ringgold, PA. Contact for local medical services is provided here and was accurate as of 2014:

New Ringgold Lions Ambulance
(570) 943-2272
115 N Railroad St
Tamaqua, PA 18252

Orwigsburg Ambulance Service Inc
(570) 366-2331
500 E Market St
Orwigsburg, PA 17961

Hamburg Ambulance
564 Franklin St
Hamburg Pa, 19526
Phone (610) 562-5562
(610) 562 8348

St Lukes Miners Memorial Hospital
(570) 645-2131
(570) 645-8197
360 W Ruddle St
Coaldale, PA 18218
7.6 mi N

(570) 621-4090
700 East Norwegian Street
Pottsville, PA, 17901

Field Usage Guidelines